My name in print!


One thing that teacher training is brilliant for is making you feel like you are the biggest danger to children since Herod. You spend hours preparing outstanding lessons and top quality resources, only to be told that not only is your lesson totally inadequate, but you are as well. And this happens time and time again…

On my graduation day (which I nearly didn’t go to as I didn’t feel I deserved the qualification, given my apparent lack of any teaching ability whatsoever), I was asked by someone who’d observed one of my lessons to write about it for the Geographical Association’s Teaching Geography magazine. Apparently they thought it was ‘very good’.

This article won’t get me a Pulitzer – and I suspect it is both the start and the end of my ‘publishing career’ – but it was the spur I needed to push me on to apply for the great job I’ve got now. It was just a shame that this much-needed praise came after I’d finished!

Treasure hunt?

I sent some students down to pick up five pencils that a very naughty student had thrown out of my window (I’m on the third floor so yes, he now has a lovely afterschool detention to look forward to…) and they came back with a little more than I bargained for!


I was particularly intrigued by the lip gloss, bearing in mind I work at a boys’ school!


Not a welcome sight on entering school – standing out a mile at the top of the ‘Wall of Shame’ in reception!


‘Design your own Red Nose’ in Form Time for Comic Relief!


Recent observation of some of my students in a Food Tech lesson… yum!


The ‘Hot Seat’ at Parents’ Evening!


Ermmm, who teaches THIS kid geography? Oh yeah, that would be me…


The joy of marking… NOT!

IMG_00942014-11-18 14.09.48

Words fail me…

2014-12-18 08.29.02