Another brick in the wall!

My school finishes a week later than most schools in this area , which is actually great for me because it means that next week I will have a lovely, stress-free time with my kids then a peaceful week at home to plan lessons and clean the house (in that order, but can’t guarantee I’ll actually get to the cleaning!) when they go back.

I try and get to work a little earlier than normal whenever I can but usually there are already a few cars there. I was therefore a bit worried when I got in as I thought maybe I had got the holidays wrong! No worries, though, as there were quite a few people in – the environmentally-friendly ones who walk or cycle!

It was just as well as this afternoon I had my final BIG observation, which went really well… another hurdle crossed, another brick in the wall, thank goodness! It cost me a huge load of sweets last time with the previous class and I suppose I’d better stop off in the morning and get this lot something to say ‘thank you’!


A lesson in gender equality?

Having run out of my normal highly elegant (dare I say ‘chic’) tissues, it occurred to me that it could be quite funny to take my daughter’s Hello Kitty ones into school (bearing in mind that all my students are boys). You can imagine my delight when a student who I knew had a great sense of humour asked for a tissue on Friday and I was able to announce to the class that I only had Hello Kitty ones.

Thinking that this would make the boy laugh, to my surprise he was seriously absolutely thrilled with his tissue… and half the class suddenly developed runny noses too!


Making memories?

Having recently had confirmation of when my current teaching contract finishes, no doubt the next few weeks will see several posts of things which are of no interest to anyone but me! Like these…




I don’t envy the students at the moment.



Home from home?



World’s greatest photocopier. We spend a lot of time together!