Top Tip #42!

Get the students to write the quiz!

Between a late parents’ evening on Thursday and a formal observation Period 1 Friday, I still had a quick quiz to write for one of my lessons Friday afternoon. Not a big task but one that, in the grand scheme of ‘priorities’, had been sidelined.

Having to choose between preparing this during a ridiculously late night, early morning or using the ‘fingers crossed’ method and hoping that nothing else would disturb my lunch break, a cunning plan popped into my head.

During the lesson I gave my students a piece of paper each, asked them to write five questions based on what they had learnt so far in the unit, then collected up the papers, picked out the best ten questions and – hey, presto! – I had a quiz!

What amazed me was that it actually proved to be a fantastic way to get the students to really think about what we had covered – great revision, great Assessment for Learning and they were really focused. And most of the questions were fantastic! Definitely a technique I will use again, I’m sure.



Last night was my first proper Parents’ Evening. I thought it would be like this…


But instead it was like this…


It was great meeting so many of my students’ parents and had a brilliant evening.