Miss Popularity?

A few years ago, the Head of Department I was working for suggested I set up a Twitter account so that I could share links to useful information and websites with my students. It certainly seemed like a good idea, especially as I was fast losing track of everywhere I was keeping notes. It didn’t take me long to realise that I absolutely hated Twitter… but it did lead to my starting this WordPress site instead.

This site has become much more than just a handy way to store links. It has enabled me to both remember and reflect on my experiences, as well as being very therapeutic when necessary!  It has also given me a good insight into why a couple of my students have done so badly this year, despite apparently having enough academic ability to get into a grammar school. If they had put a tenth as much effort into their schoolwork as they did ‘googling’ me after I left, they would have been top of the class!



Odds and sods!

No idea where this chair came from…


… or how my chair ended up here!



I learnt something new every day thanks to my students!



Hands-on activities at the Imperial War Museum.



The catering staff were obviously avid geographers as they seemed to have flags and decorations for every country! No surprise, this was ‘American Food Day’!



Found this at the bottom of a student’s detention work. No doubt trying to get back in my good books!



Saw this on the wall when I covered form time in one of the art classrooms. Seemed apt!



Display at a recent teachers’ conference I attended at the University of Sussex.


I’ve come a long way… or have I?!?

My first ever job (aaaaggghhhh – almost 33 years ago!) involved a plastic box, as I started out cleaning tables in a restaurant and used the box to carry all the dirty plates, etc, back to the kitchen. I had to laugh a few weeks ago when I had a bit of a flash-back to those days. Talk about coming full-circle! Different job, maybe, but still involving a plastic box. Mind you, I still frequently have to clean tables…


It also struck me as fairly ironic that while I have come a long way in my teaching practice over the past year, I won’t have physically gone very far when I start my new job in September!