Study withdrawal? Not me!

I’ve done everything I can possibly do to prepare for my new job, including writing up my whole year’s teacher’s planner and class marksheets, but I can’t stand being idle so I was thrilled to find that an online course I signed up for has now started!

The course I’m doing is through Coursera (a MOOC provider I have often praised before – they are brilliant!) and is called ‘Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching’. For anyone about to start their first teaching job, it’s certainly worth taking a look at. I’m also going on a teaching-union-run seminar next week called ‘Preparing for your first teaching post’ so hopefully that should mean I at least will have tried to do my best to be prepared for the actual teaching bit of my new job!

'I give the same advice to all new teachers.  Pretend you know what you are doing.'

A happy coincidence!

Coincidences don’t come much better than your graduation being on both your birthday and International Friendship Day!


I wasn’t originally going to go to my graduation as the invite came during a particularly stressful period in my training, when I seriously thought I would fail, and the fact it was on my birthday just made it worse. Of course, I didn’t fail and the stress is gone (for now!) so I changed my mind at almost the last minute and I’m so glad I did. My birthday normally passes me by with hardly a thought but what a wonderful experience! It was great seeing all the people I’d met during my PGCE year getting their awards and everything was really well-organised. Best of all, my husband and kids were there to see me get what I’ve worked for the past six years for (and been wanting for over three decades!).

There are so many people who’ve helped and supported me along the way, both family and friends, and I am so grateful to them all. A special mention, though, has to go to my fellow geography trainees (now fully-fledged teachers!) and my subject tutor, as I am sure there has never been a more supportive group ever. Congratulations, guys, you’re the best!

And a very happy International Friendship Day to all!