Learning from my mistakes!

Last year, I couldn’t believe what a lot of kerfuffle the simple act of giving my students a chocolate coin each in the last lesson before the holidays caused:

‘My coin’s smaller than his, Miss! Can I have two?’

‘Why’s he got two? That’s not fair!’

‘He took three!’

Not to mention the bowl-snatching and gold foil left scattered all over the floor.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so off I trotted yesterday to buy little bags of uniformly-sized chocolate Santas and snowmen but none were to be found! Instead, I have had to settle for mixed bags of gold coins and ‘paper’ money.  Despite them all being the same size, I can hear it now…

‘He’s got a £20 note, Miss! That’s not fair, I’ve only got a £10 one!!! Can I have two?’


Goodness only know how many the people with the 2p coins will want!